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Born: Brooklyn, NY 1981
Lives: Los Angeles, CA
MFA, University of Southern California Roski School of Fine Arts. May 2010
BFA, Carnegie Mellon University. May 2003 
Sydney College of the Arts. Spring 2002
2016 9/11 Fifteen Years. Human Resources. Los Angeles, CA. 
2016 QUEUE. Klowden Mann. Los Angeles, CA. 
2016  Light Relief. Part of Too Much InformationHuman Resources. Los Angles, CA. 
2014  A Frayed Knot: Cameron Crone, David Gilbert & Samantha Roth. Jancar Jones Gallery. Los Angeles, CA.
2014  Strings Walks into a Bar. Stupid Pills @ Hyperion Tavern. Los Angeles, CA. 
2013  Turn of Phrase. Pepin Moore Gallery. Los Angeles, CA.
2012  Echo of Echo. Shoshana Wayne Gallery. Los Angeles, CA.
2012  Dualities, Omissions, Loops, & Ruptures. Luis De Jesus Gallery. Los Angeles, CA.
2012  Dwayne Wayned. Workspace. Los Angeles, CA. 
2011  Series Circuit. Little Paper Planes Online Exhibition.
2011  Jamaica. Annie Wharton Los Angeles. Los Angeles, CA.
2010  Re-Imagine | Re-Build | Repeat. Sight School. Oakland, CA.
2010  Means, Ends & Mends. Roski Fine Arts Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. 
2010  Catalog Exhibition. Roski Fine Arts Gallery. Los Angeles. CA.
2010  Volume. AT1 Project Space. Los Angeles, CA.
2009  Big Picture/Little Picture. Roski Fine Arts Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. 
2008  Life Coach. Roski Fine Arts Gallery. Los Angeles, CA.
2005  People who Stay, People who Go. Modern Formations Gallery. Pittsburgh, PA.
2003  You Gotta Know Where You Come From to … Foreland Street Studio. Pittsburgh, PA.
2003  Like, Intense. Regina Gouger Miller Gallery. Pittsburgh, PA.
2010  USA/MFA@Bezalel. Tel Aviv, IS. Selected Visiting Artist < EXHIBITION CATALOG >
2008 - 2010  Roski School of Fine Arts Studio and Teaching Assistanship Tuition Award 
2003  Carnegie Mellon University Student Undergraduate Research Grant
2001  Carnegie Mellon University Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship
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     Book Reviews:
WASP March 2014, Art Book Review
The Assistants May 2013, Art Book Review
Sniper April 2013, Art Book Review 
Solitaire: Lee Lozano, Sylvia Plimack Mangold, Joan Semmel September 2012, Art Book Review
Drawing a Space Between: Means, Ends & Mends August 2010, Graduate Thesis Paper